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Help your event stand out by uploading your 8.5x11 event flyer! Your flyer will appear in the "Sponsored Events" section on the TGIF main page and will link to a webpage of your choice. Flyer will be posted for 30 days or until the event date has passed, whichever comes first. 

Sponsored Event

  • Family friendly events only. No political campaigning or advertising events that promote violence, illegal activity, alcohol use or recreational drug use. Each ad will be reviewed by TGIF Geneva before posting.  The definition of family friendly is at the discretion of TGIF Geneva and ads may be declined based on the nature of the content. Any ad that is deemed not appropriate for this page will receive a notification and full refund. 

    Ads will appear on website within 2 business days of purchase. However, custom designed ads may take up to 7 days to appear on website. 

    Length of ad starts on the day it first appears on the website.

    No refunds once posted to website.

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