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Ad Placement:

  • Prime spot on the TGIF main page near the TGIF calendar!
  • Highest traffic area of website
  • Appears next to the TGIF calendar on the desktop site and above/below TGIF calendar on the mobile site


Ad Type:

  • One square shaped photo ad
  • Upload your own design or purchase a custom designed ad!


Length of Ad:

  • 30 consecutive days
  • Appears in 30 second intervals


Target Audience:

  • Geneva area residents/visitors
  • Geneva area tourists
  • Families
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Grandparents
  • Children/Teenagers
  • Anyone seeking out events/entertainment


Plan Options:

Choose the plan that fits your needs!


Basic: $80

Ad spaced shared with 4 other ads

Ad appears 30 times per hour


Standard: $100

Ad spaced shared with 2 other ads

Ad appears 40 times per hour

Monthly analytic report- with webpage views and ad clicks


Premium: $130

Ad space shared with only 1 other ad

Ad appears 60 times per hour

Monthly analytic report- with webpage views and ad clicks

Ad will appear in our digital newsletter

TGIF Calendar Ad

PriceFrom $68.00
Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Month Subscription
Subscribe & Save 15%
$68.00every month for 3 months
  • Family friendly ads only. No political campaigs or ads that promote violence, illegal activity, alcohol use or recreational drug use. Each ad will be reviewed by TGIF Geneva before posting.  The definition of family friendly is at the discretion of TGIF Geneva and ads may be declined based on the nature of the content. Any ad that is deemed not appropriate for this page will receive a notification and full refund. 

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